Version 6.0
- Added Text-To-Speech for PDF
- Added text selection for PDF
- Removed vibration for text selection
- Removed recommended books on final book page

Version 5.6
- Added option for permanent removal of books
- Added Valentine Logo
- Remove Winter Theme
- Fix fb2 files not opening
- Fix float button flickering bug
- Fix application crash during scan
- Fix application crash on main screen, low memory
- Fix permissions bug on the main folder

Version 5.5
- Added Edit button to File Manager & Cloud (now you can select multiple books via Floating Button
and Download easily multiple books from Google, Dropbox & One Drive Clouds
- Change Bubble Color to Theme (bubble appears when the Recents is empty)
- Fix major bugs (landscape, filter & service)
- Add option to hide Float Button in Recents & Collections (In Side Settings Menu)
- Added toast icon - upon downloading or uploading a book from and to Cloud, know about the status from the toast icon at the bottom

Version 5.4
- Added Scan Device button to Recents
- Added Scan Device and add books to My Books and Collections
- Added Release Notes on app update & “About” in Settings
- Added “NEW” icon in Side Menu to menus that have been updated
- Moved Themes to Side Menu
- Renamed “Gift” in Side Menu to “Encourage Us”

Version 5.3
- Select file formats in Scan Device
- Added gifts in the Side Menu
- Added In Book Color Dict
- Removed permanent delete

Version 5.2
- Tabs View scroll function
- Navigation Drawer redesign
- Updated Themes
- Fixed minor bugs

Version 5.1.1
- Fixed DjVU crash bug
- Fix minor bugs

Version 5.1
- Added Text to Speech in over 25 languages